[BFCM] Conor McGregor's Fight Tips to Shop Like a Champ

November 21, 2017

[BFCM] Conor McGregor's Fight Tips to Shop Like a Champ

Reigning UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor has some advice for you this holiday season ...

Right now, you're probably getting pummeled with messages and posts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals (some of you are even considering stepping into the ring at the stores themselves ... brave).

No matter what your plan of attack is for your holiday shopping MMA Top Supplies (and Conor McGregor) have you covered.

Tip One: Aim High and Hit the Top

Conor loves his "bolo punch" which shoots a fast uppercut to the head followed by pounding straight punches: aim high, follow up hard. 

That's your first Black Friday, Cyber Monday strategy: go for top name brands.

The martial artist in your life (whether you or someone else) will benefit in the long-run from buying the better brand name equipment (it last longer and feels better)

Look at gear from Venum, Breakpoint and Tatami to name a few.

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Besides getting great deals all the time, MMA Top Supplies offers additional discounts on top brands: make sure you check back often.

Tip Two: Keep Your Body Covered

When you watch Conor fight he's often got his hands down and lose, contrary to traditional advice to "keep your hands up" to protect the face.

You might think he's crazy to leave his head exposed, but keeping loose hands is all part of Conor's strategy ...

It allows him to conserve energy, cover his head only when a strike is coming, and have his hands perfectly positioned to block incoming kicks (which are likely to come first anyway).

For your holiday shopping, Conor wants you to keep it loose and keep your body covered. We've got deals tons of great hoodies, shirts and other great gift items that you'll want to check out ...

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As official suppliers of top brands like Venum, Gameness, Tatami and more, you can always get great deals with us.

Tip 3: Master the Right Combinations

If you've ever watched Conor fight, then you know he likes to mix it up with lots of combos. 

Conor lulls his opponents into a false sense of security by establishing a rhythm of strikes paced at similar intervals. 

Once he sees his opponent start to anticipate the strikes, Conor unleashes a combo at a completely different pace, level and intensity - often connecting with multiple strikes to win the fight.

When you are buying gifts this holiday season, try putting combinations together yourself. Grabbing some fighting gloves along with a bag can be a knockout gift combo. 

Combine this Tatami Meiyo Large Gear Bag ...

With these Seven Fightgear Hybrid MMA Gloves!

Now THAT'S a winning combination!

Now You're Ready ...

Now you've got Conor's Tips to win the holiday shopping fight.

PLUS you can take an additional 25% off our already discounted items for our Black Friday Sale (good until midnight 11/27).

Let us help you find the best holiday deals for yourself or the martial artist in your life.


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