Venum Power Training System (Deluxe Box Set)



Type: Training Gear

Vendor: Venum

Venum all-in-one, full body, Power Training System (PTS)

The ultimate in body weight training equipment

Lose weight, gain muscle, and boost your power with the PTS Venum, and get into the best shape of your life!

Whether you are are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the PTS Venum gives you the perfect workout to develop your body at your pace. 

Made with Moduletech resistance bands and instructional training modules, the PTS Venum offers you a complete workout with diverse and effective exercises. 

PTS Venum comes with three training programs detailed in your training manual and companion DVD, including exercises like: Jump Squat, Core Twist, Hip Raise, Scissor Kick, and more! 




T-Connect x1
Body weight (main strap) x2
Handles x2
Foot Loops x2 Resistance Bands x4 Ankle Straps x2
Door Mount x1 Extension Strap x1 "Do Not Disturb" Door Sign x1
Training Manual with 56 exercises x1 DVD with 3 focused workout plans x1 Mesh Carrying Bag x1


The Venum Power Training System (PTS) is the first all-in-one training system incorporating body weight and resistance band training. Designed to help you build muscle, lose fat, gain strength and get you in the best shape of your life.


Venum PTS is the first bodyweight and resistance raining system to use individual modules that allow you to customize your workouts according to your ability and fitness goals. The Venum PTS offers an endless number of exercise configurations, allowing you to work out virtually every muscle in your body.


Train with no boundaries, no limits. At your own convenience. The included door mount and extension strap modules give you the option to train anywhere you go – at home, in the gym or on the road.

Compact and easy-to-use, PTS Venum helps you train just about anywhere: at home, the gym, on vacation, outdoors, indoors - the choice is yours! 

At Home In the Gym Outdoors


MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Boxing, Tennis, Muay Thai, Football, Hockey, Swimming and more ... Champions like Jose Aldo (UFC) and Leandro Lo (BJJ) give the Power Training System (PTS) have used the PTS Venum and give it their highest recommendation. 


Let's get that body you deserve - ready to go? Good. 

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